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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Why I Hate Winter


I hate the below freezing temperatures. I hate the short days and long nights. I hate the gloomy days. I hate the desolate look of my yard. I hate my aching hands whose arthritis is exacerbated by the cold. I hate exercising in the cold. I hate walking my dogs on a frozen morning. 

I hate the sound of my furnace running non-stop, gobbling up endless gallons of pricey liquid propane. I hate the sound of the humidifier running non-stop with its irritating sound. I hate getting zapped every time I take a step and then touch something. It doesn't matter what I touch -- dog, faucet, anything -- I will get zapped. I hate the constantly runny nose, the dry skin and chapped lips. I hate the winter allergies and head colds.

I hate getting out of bed in the total early morning darkness, leaving my flannel sheets behind as I dash to the kitchen to feed my twirling dogs. 

I hate the layers of clothes required to stay somewhat comfortable outside -- heavy coat, scarf and gloves as a minimum. Boots and balaclava if it's really cold.

I hate my fogged up glasses (and camera lens if I'm doing some outdoor photography). I hate the frozen ears despite the warm hat I wear. I hate falling on the snow or ice. I hate having to limit the time I spend outdoors (and not enjoying the small amount of time I am outside). 

I don't ski or ice skate or snow board or play ice hockey. So what's the fun in winter? As far as I'm concerned, there isn't any. I was just in Costa Rica, a warm, humid, tropical country. While at first it seemed strange to see Christmas trees and lights while wearing shorts, I quickly adapted and realized that my life of Christmas in a frigid season isn't the reality for many people. And truth be told, I could easily get used to spending Christmas on a beach somewhere.

Anyone want to join me?