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Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Wanna-Be

I feel like a wanna-be.

I am a wanna-be photographer and a wanna-be writer. Yes, I have a photo Web site, and people tell me how much they enjoy my photos. I am a pretty good, but not great, photographer. But apparently no one likes my images enough to purchase a print. And yes, I wrote and self-published a book about my experiences raising an 11-year-old girl from Russia. It sold a handful of copies. And yes, I have had this blog for eight years. Despite having readers from Europe and Asia, most posts are read by fewer than 40 people, and I never get any feedback. My blog has a grand total of 14 followers.

So my creative endeavors aren't exactly a rousing success. I'm not sure what I'm doing, or not doing, to account for these pathetically low numbers. I enjoy writing and I love photography, but some feedback once in a while would be nice. 

I won't give up these activities that bring me so much joy, but a bit more feedback (or sales) would be wonderful. I don't want to become a wedding photographer or take photos of high school seniors. I'm not interested in starting a photography business. That would be work, and I definitely am enjoying my retirement. I will continue to photograph the places I visit, landscapes, wild animals and the occasional interesting piece of architecture. All profits from photo sales are donated to a scholarship fund that helps rural children in Kenya attend high school. So I'm not out to make money from my photography. My writing will be limited to this blog. 

So what's the answer? I'm still looking, but if you have suggestions, I would love to hear them. And please enjoy this photo I took recently of the quetzal, a rare and beautiful bird that lives in Costa Rica.