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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Sponsor a Student, Change a Life

I recently signed on to sponsor the high-school education of a deserving student in Kenya who otherwise would not be able to attend high school. I have joined other like-minded people who believe in the power of education to save lives, and who are willing to commit to sponsoring a $1,500/year scholarship through the Save the Elephants scholarship program.

I am sponsoring a female student, whom I hope to meet next  year when I visit Kenya. But I want to do more. There are many students deserving of a chance at a better life. This is where you and others can help. 

I have set up two Web sites: and with my best photographs for sale. Every penny raised from the sale of
photographs and other items will be donated to the Save the Elephants scholarship program. 

Or you can donate directly at

Please check the websites from time to time, as I am adding new images all the time.

Just imagine the difference an education can make in the difference of a student in Kenya. Imagine the possibilities that lie ahead for these students from pastoralist communities who otherwise will spend their lives herding goats and cattle, living in huts. 

I visited a school in rural Kenya in 2014. Despite the fact the school had no electricity or running water, no computers, and no classroom supplies or equipment, the students were engaged and eager to learn. Most of them, including the little ones, walked several miles to and from school each day. They ate their lunch, brought from home, on the ground. Their classrooms had dirt floors. Yet the students wanted to learn. Now imagine what your donation can do to make a direct impact on their lives. 

For more information, go to