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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Why I Hope Trump Fails

I've read several posts on Facebook to the effect that "I don't want Trump to fail, because if he fails, the country fails."

Well, folks, I do hope he fails.
  • I hope his plans to 'build a wall' along the border with Mexico that will cost the US taxpayer a minimum of $11 billion fail. We have far more important things on which to spend our money.
  • I hope his plans to set up a registry of Muslims in America fail. If he insists on doing this, expect to see many non-Muslim Americans joining the registry in protest.
  • I hope his (and Congress's) plans to eliminate the Affordable Care Act and not replace it fail, so more than 20 million Americans will not be left with no health insurance.
  • I hope his (and Congress's) plans to slash Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security fail.
  • I hope his plans to isolate the United States from the world fail. In our global economy and very interconnected world, we -- the most powerful country on the planet -- cannot afford to isolate ourselves.
  • I hope his plans to remove the US from the United Nations fail. Now more than ever, we need a forum where countries can try to work out their differences peacefully rather than resorting to war.
  • I hope Trump's plans to relocate the American embassy from Tel Aviv, the Israeli capital, to Jerusalem -- a city venerated by all three monotheistic religions -- fail. Relocating the embassy to a city claimed by Muslims as well as by Jews and Christians will set the search for peace in that region back even further. 
  •  I hope he fails in his war on the news media. We need a free press now more than ever.
  • I hope he fails in his plans to remove the United State from NATO. Our allies in Europe need to know that the United States has their backs. And countries such as the Baltic States, Ukraine and others need to know that the US will not allow Russia to invade them again.
  • I hope his and Congress's war on women's reproductive rights fails. Women, not a bunch of old men, should be in control of their bodies. And if insurance companies cover the cost of Viagra for men, they should cover the cost of birth control for women.
  • I hope he fails in his (and others') plan to clamp down on peaceful protests and freedom of speech.
  • I hope he fails in his attempts to gut or eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency and the Endangered Species Act. Doing so will threaten our environment and put even more species on the brink of extinction.
  • I hope he and other government officials fail in their efforts to roll back laws that offer equal treatment and protection to the LGBT community.
  • I hope he fails in his efforts to discredit climate change and efforts to protect our planet from the effects of increasing worldwide temperatures

I do hope he is successful in strengthening our economy and creating new, good-paying jobs. I hope he is successful in humanely -- key word, humanely -- figuring out how to control our borders. I hope he and his military leaders are finally successful in eliminating the threat to the world by ISIS and similar radical Islamic terrorist organizations. I hope he is successful in preventing terror attacks at home and on US interests abroad, I hope he is successful in reforming the tax codes if -- if -- doing so will benefit all Americans, not just the most wealthy. I hope he is successful in uniting a very divided country and in making all Americans feel valued and safe.

Time will tell what kind of president Trump will be. At the present, tens of millions of people in the United States are extremely fearful and worried about his presidency. Let us hope he uses the immense power of his office to benefit all. The world is watching.