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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Finding Comfort in Little Things

The United States has been upended since the election of a thin-skinned, lying, narcissistic bully and sexual predator. 

Things that previously seemed certain are now very uncertain. We are confronted daily with threats to our civil rights and freedoms, not to mention to the world order. The new president is so far ruling by fiat, signing executive order after executive order, with no apparent attempts to work with Congress. To many both domestically and internationally, our country has become a very scary place, as well as a laughingstock.

To try and maintain my sanity in the midst of this uncertainty and national disunity, I have found myself seeking comfort in small things: a cup of herbal tea before bed, planning an overseas trip (Namibia and Brazil are high on the list), baking, photographing my dogs, listening to music and reading on my new Kindle. I have been an avid reader since I was a little child, and with my new e-reader, I can now carry several books with me on my travels without the weight and bulk of paperback books. Reading allows me to suspend my worries, learn about interesting people, places and events, and on occasion enjoy some well-written fiction.

I also treated myself to a walk along a little-used levee to break up the monotony of walking in my neighborhood as I do every day. I enjoy watching a beautiful sunrise over the mountains as I sit at my desk. Going back to bed after taking care of my dogs on a cold, dreary winter morning is always a welcome treat. My comfortable mattress is even more comfortable when I am snuggled among the flannel sheets and soft blankets. 

And of course, I am doing even more writing these days. Although my readership is small, my blog reaches people around the world. And I have so much to write about these days. The new president and his cronies provide a never-ending series of topics. And I believe it is incumbent on all of us to make our feelings known. 

The little things in which I take comfort have a big job ahead of them if I am to survive the new administration with any semblance of sanity.