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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Trying Something New

I'm trying something new this year -- wall calendars.

I travel a lot and take thousands of photographs every year. My online friends always comment about how much they enjoy seeing my pictures of far-away places. So this year, I am offering to make a calendar featuring any of my photographs for only $20, domestic postage included if paid by PayPal.

Here's what makes my calendars unique: I will make each calendar using the photographs the buyer chooses. I have just finished the first six orders, and no two calendars are the same. Most of my photographs feature either wildlife or landscapes, although I do have photos of ancient ruins, buildings, etc. Here are a couple of examples.

If you or someone you know loves elephants, for example, I can design a calendar with only photographs of elephants. Or perhaps you prefer scenes of the American Southwest. I can do that, too. I just finished a calendar as a gift for a friend I met on this trip to Kenya, featuring photos of elephants and other wild animals we saw on that trip.

By offering these one-of-a-kind calendars for sale, I hope to raise funds for the scholarship program of Save the Elephants, a wonderful organization in Kenya that has been studying and protecting elephants for many years. Through its scholarship program, high-achieving pasturalist students will have the opportunity to attend high school. Without a high-school education, these bright students will likely spend their lives herding goats and cattle. I already am sponsoring a female student, whom I hope to meet in Nairobi next summer.

My best shots are on my page at or you can choose from the many photos on my FB page, Desert Mountain Photography. I pay for the printing of the calendars, the tax and PayPal fees, so a full $10 from the sale of every calendar will be donated to the scholarship fund. I make NO profit from these calendars.

I get a couple of new wall calendars every year, and I know lots of other people do, too. So why not order a custom wall calendar and help a deserving student go to school at the same time?

Questions? E-mail me at