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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Don't Cry for the Animals. Fight for the Animals.

Don't cry for the animals. Fight for the animals.

A similar statement appeared recently in a story about a young woman who had lost her battle with drug addiction. But this sentiment can apply equally well to other issues ... homelessness, animal abuse, environmental issues, and on and on.

Far too many Facebook posts seeking a home or rescue for an animal, or action on a piece of legislation, are flooded with useless statements such as "Somebody please adopt this baby" or "I wish I could, but I have three dogs already." What, exactly, do these statements achieve? Nothing. They achieve nothing. They don't help the dog, cat or horse find a new home. They don't help persuade people to change their way of thinking. They don't do anything useful. All they do is to flood a post with useless statements and make it more difficult for the person making the original post to find any legitimate offers of help. 

So don't tell us how sad this makes you. Don't tell somebody else to adopt the animal in question. Don't sit at your computer and demand that somebody else do something. Don't carry on about how 'somebody' needs to do 'something.' BE THE SOMEBODY! YOU do something! Write a letter to the editor. Adopt an animal. Make a donation. Join a peaceful demonstration. Call your legislator. Sign a petition. Volunteer. Help educate others. BUT DO SOMETHING! Get involved in whatever issue or cause touches your heart. Become the 'somebody' who does something that might make a difference.

But please, drop the useless comments. To paraphrase a statement attributed to Gandhi, 'Be the change you wish to see in the world.'  If you want stronger penalties for animal abusers, get involved to make these laws a reality. It won't always be easy, but there is hope for a real change. 

Saying 'Somebody needs to change this' doesn't change a thing.