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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Are You Serious?

Are the people who are up in arms and calling for a boycott of Starbucks and its overpriced coffee really serious? They are upset because the mega coffee chain made its 'holiday' cups plain red this year, with a green company logo, and left off the previous snowflakes, snowmen and reindeer. They claim the company is 'anti-Christian.' Really? Are they serious?

Since when do snowflakes, snowmen and reindeer signify Christmas? To this Christian, they don't. They signify the winter season, but they have absolutely nothing to do with Christmas.

And really, people, are your lives so shallow that you choose to waste your energy on how Starbucks opts to serve its $6 cups of coffee? Can you not be bothered to spare a thought for the hungry among us, or the veterans suffering from PTSD, or the homeless shivering on the streets at night? How about the millions of refugees from Syria and other countries who walk hundreds of miles in an attempt to find safe haven for themselves and their families? What about the carnage of our youth, including a 9-year-old boy enticed into a Chicago alley and executed because his father is in a rival gang? Is the design of a damn coffee cup the most important thing in your pathetic lives?

And before you decide to boycott or picket or send a nasty letter to Starbucks, consider this. According to a story on CNN,

"Starbucks already picks up the tab for its employees to go to college. But now the thousands of military veterans who work there are getting an added perk: Free tuition for their spouses and children.

"The offer is good for any current or former military member working at Starbucks. They can use the scholarship to send either their spouse or one child to enroll at Arizona State University's online program. 

The company currently pays tuition for all full- and part-time workers who don't already have a bachelor's degree. But this is the first time it's extending the perk to family members of its employees." 

So what are all these people with their panties in a knot doing to help our veterans and their families? What are they doing to help feed the hungry or shelter the homeless? My guess is, nothing.

So stop bitching about a non-issue, get your priorities straight, and do something -- anything -- to help! Maybe you can start by skipping a cup of overpriced coffee in a red cup and use that $6 to buy food for a local food bank. I recently bought 12 cans of vegetables for $6. What did your $6 buy?