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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

My Christmas Wish

This Christmas I wish for no packages under the tree, and for nothing of material value. I have all that I need, and more. Instead, I wish for
  • a return to civility among Americans
  • an end to racial discord
  • food for the hungry
  • housing for the homeless
  • an end to wars that take our service men and women and put them in harm's way
  • a government that actually listens to the people and does what is best for the country, not what is best for a political party or elected 'representative'
  • an end to the war on wolves, cougars, bears and other predators
  • respect and concern for the environment
  • an end to child and elder abuse
  • a government that takes care of its own country first, then worries about those in other countries
  • concern for the environment and protections for public lands, rather than allowing special interest groups (cattle ranchers, mining companies, etc.) to plunder and pillage them for corporate profit
  • a new view of our world that sees inherent value in other animals, not just economic value 
  • a renewed emphasis on what really matters in life.
I recently visited the Central American nation of Costa Rica. The United States could learn a lot from this small country of 5 million residents. Its environmental consciousness is very high. Great strides are being undertaken to protect sensitive plants, animals and lands. Recycling is a way of life. Hotels pride themselves on earning four- or five-leaf certifications for their sustainability programs. People use motorcycles and scooters, not huge gas-guzzling cars and trucks, to get around. They eat locally produced, fresh foods, consisting of mostly seafood, fruits and vegetables. Serving sizes are appropriate, but not the massive size served in America.

The world seems to be at a tipping point, and if we don't do something soon, I'm afraid it will be too late.