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Friday, December 24, 2010

My Christmas Wish List

There is a Christmas song called "My Grown-up Christmas List." Here is my Christmas wish list for this year. Nothing on this list can be purchased, nothing can be manufactured. These things are all intangibles, and many can be created only through our actions.

I wish
  • that my daughter continues to be happy and do well.
  • that the economy improves and people are able to find jobs.
  • that we see the beginning of a more respectful attitude toward our planet and all of its inhabitants.
  • for an end to all forms of abuse: animal, elder, child and spousal.
  • for an end to hunger.
  • that all our troops will return home safely from Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • that the homeless will find shelter, the dying will find comfort if not a cure, the lonely will find companionship, the unemployed will find jobs, orphans will find families to love them, and 'unwanted' animals will find loving homes.
  • that the world's hot spots will know peace rather than conflict
  • that we will stop exploiting animals. I wish for an end to slaughtering animals for fun, fashion or because we 'don't like' them. Wolves, coyotes and other predators deserve to live, too. Animals should be valued for what they are, not for their cash value.
  • for an end to puppy mills, pet shops that sell puppy mill dogs, and irresponsible 'breeders' who care only about the money to be made.
  • for an end to dog fighting and other blood sports involving animals.

And from my dogs:

Dear Santa: We don't really want or need anything for ourselves for Christmas. We have it all: a loving family, warm beds, toys and food. But please, Santa, could you bring these things to the other dogs who don't have anything this Christmas? We've been good girls this year. Love, Mila and Tia

These are my prayers this Christmas. Perhaps if enough people put these wishes on their Christmas list, some of these wishes can come true.
    Merry Christmas, everyone. Have a wonderful, safe holiday