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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Starting a Renovation

OK, here we go. Something a bit off the usual track for me.

I've been feeling like making a change for quite some time, and my recent birthday kicked it into higher gear. I'm not happy with the way I dress or look. I'm trying to find a look that is appropriate for someone my age (i.e., old) and dumpy, but that still reflects who I am. I want to look nice, but still be myself and be comfortable in my clothes and shoes.

My daughter and I were at the mall recently (the first time in history that I bought something and she got nothing). I bought a summery skirt in bright colors, a long red top to wear with capris, a 3/4-sleeve top, and a brightly colored short-sleeve top, as well as some new perfume. I'm thinking of letting my hair grow as well (it helps that I don't yet have a local hairdresser!).

I've been a comfort-over-style sort of person for a long time. I dressed appropriately for work, but the other day, I realized that I was tired of dressing like a teenage boy in baggy shorts and oversize T-shirt since we moved. Since we are starting a new life in New Mexico, I decided to include a new way of dressing as part of my new life. Hence the new clothes and perfume. Besides, if I'm ever to find a new guy to share my life with, I need to look attractive.

Although I enjoy watching "What Not To Wear" on television, I don't agree with the hosts' belief that women should always be decked out in fancy clothes for a trip to the grocery store or to take the kids to the park. I believe there is a middle ground; I just need to find mine.

I had lunch today with my Albuquerque Realtor, and I decided to wear the new skirt. I'm short and, while not overweight, I frequently feel as though I'm shaped like a jar of peanut butter, with no real waist. But I put the skirt on, added a white summer top, turquoise jewelry and white sandals, and I looked pretty darn good.

So I'm trying to find a new look that's right for me. That isn't easy, given the fashion world's emphasis on the young, tall, skinny crowd. I'm not even sure what 'look' will look best on me. I don't want to dress like an eccentric old lady, but I want to look nice and appropriately dressed, and without a lot of fuss.

Maybe I'm seeking the impossible. Are my choices limited to 'frumpy', 'eccentric' or 'too young'? Stay tuned as my efforts continue.