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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lessons Learned

As 2009 draws to a close, I have been looking back at the good and the bad of this year. There was LOTS of bad in 2009. But I am choosing to focus on the good things I have learned.

I have realized that I:
am much stronger emotionally than I realized

enjoy writing now more than I ever did

am a better writer than I thought I was

am very grateful for the opportunity to co-author a book

yearn for a simpler life

have too much 'stuff'

am quite willing to take risks and leaps of faith, and more often than not, things will turn out OK

have a good sense of humor, which I use to help me cope with stress

am a positive person, not the negative soul I always thought I was

now understand the disconnect between the life I live and the life I want

really love outdoor and architectural photography

have been blessed with a body that has withstood the rigors of more than 30 years of running, and am looking forward to many more

have a vision of the life that awaits me once I retire and move to New Mexico

am learning to better support my daughter emotionally

have so much for which to be grateful

can actually lose weight

can relieve much of the pain of bursitis in my hips by stretching twice a day

I am looking forward to making some major life changes in 2010, and to continuing the changes I began in 2009. For 2010, I want to

move to New Mexico and start a new life with my daughter

run 600 miles

continue to care for and support my daughter

do more hiking and bicycling

get involved with OrphanBaby, a non-profit that helps children in Ukrainian orphanages by training caregivers and medical staff to better meet their emotional needs

volunteer with my daughter at a no-kill animal shelter

And there is one more thing, which will remain private.

I am looking forward to moving to New Mexico and getting settled in our new house. It will be stressful, certainly, but I am confident the benefits will far outweigh the stresses. I'm also looking forward to even more personal growth and discoveries about myself.

As the Russians say, "S Novym Godom!" (Happy New Year!)