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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Scary Things in the Dark

This morning, I was lazy and didn't get up when I should have. So I decided to take the dogs for a shorter walk on a different route. It was still very dark outside, even after 6 a.m. Tia, my little golden retriever, is easily frightened. Lawn sprinklers, plastic bags, sheets of paper -- all send her scurrying for safety.

This morning we passed a house with some Halloween decorations in the front yard. One of the tombstones lurking in the shadows must have looked particularly frightening to her. Rather than trying to run away, she walked slowly, looking back over her shoulder to keep an eye on the evil monster lurking in the dark, undoubtedly awaiting the opportunity to pounce on unsuspecting little dogs foolish enough to venture out in the early morning darkness.

Fortunately, we all escaped the clutches of the malevolent tombstone, this time at least, and we made it to the safety of home.