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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Costa Rica Images

New photographs from Costa Rica are now available. Costa Rica is an amazing country with delightful people, brightly colored birds and flowers, and unique mammals.

I love the vibrant colors on this wooden oxcart wheel spotted at a hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica. Imagine how it will brighten a room! I'm going to order a print for my dining room.

Available in a variety of sizes and options at

This white-headed capuchin monkey apparently grew tired of being on the ground, climbed a nearby tree and decided to relax. Notice how his long tail goes directly up the trunk of the tree. Available at

The resplendent quetzel is found in Costa Rica and other parts of Central America. Males like the one pictures have beautiful long green tails. We waited several hours for this bird, which we could see tucked away in a tree among the leaves, to finally alight on this branch in the open. Available at

Finally, here is one of my most favorite photographs, of two scarlet macaws 'helping' a photographer. He, unfortunately, did not appreciate their help.