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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Wolf Wisdom

Recently, I flew home from the airport in Bozeman, Mont., after a six-day wildlife-watching visit to Yellowstone National Park.

I collect coffee cups from my travels, as they are inexpensive, useful souvenirs of the places I visit. So I am always looking for an interesting addition to my collection. As I browsed the selections in a Bozeman airport gift shop, a coffee cup with wolves on it caught my eye. On one side of this particular cup are sketches of wolves, with the words 'Stay on track.'

On the other:

Trust your instincts.
Be at home in nature.
Keep your den clean.
Howl with your friends.
Be a leader.
Pack life with good memories.

Wolves do these things naturally. For many of us so-called higher animals, following these guidelines takes a bit more work. I think these are pretty good pieces of advice, for both wolves and for us humans.