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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Just Do Something

On New Year's Eve, I noticed a Facebook post about an elderly, disabled woman who had received a small ($10) increase in her disability payments. She said she wanted to 'just do something' to help animal victims of puppy mills, and contacted a woman active in this cause about donating her extra $10 to help.

How wonderful would it be if everybody committed to 'just do something' to make the world a better place? Buy an extra can of soup or package of pasta and donate it to a food bank or pantry. Donate an old winter coat. Buy a meal for a homeless person. Help an immigrant learn English. Tutor a child. Join the PTA. Foster an animal until it is adopted. Volunteer to walk dogs or play with cats at a local animal shelter. Form a team to do a charity walk or run. Write a letter to the editor or elected official about a cause that concerns you. Visit a veterans hospital or an elderly person in a nursing home. Drive a neighbor who no longer drives to the grocery store or to a doctor appointment.

Use your imagination. Think about what cause is important to you, then 'just do something.' Find a way to get involved, to help, to encourage, to support. If you can't give money, give a few hours of your time. If you have a special talent or skill (photography, Web page design, accounting or sewing, for example), share it with an organization. A group of people who love to knit and crochet makes baby blankets and hats for newborns. If you have children at home, get them involved in your charitable efforts, too. Teach them to give back. Ask them how they want to help.

Today is Jan. 1 -- the beginning of a new year. Many people vow to exercise more or to lose weight. How about adding something else to your plans for the new year, something that is guaranteed to make you feel better? Get involved. Make a difference in the life of a person or animal. It doesn't matter which cause  you embrace. JUST DO SOMETHING!