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Friday, October 12, 2012

It's a Small World

I am always amazed when I see how many readers of this blog are international. Of course, most readers are from the U.S., but it's still incredible to note that one day, there were more readers from Russia than from the United States.

Over the past couple of years, I have noted readers from the U.K., Canada, France, Latvia, Brazil, Sweden, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Greece, Venezuela, Kenya, Chile, Hungary, Latvia, Trinidad and Tobago, Colombia, Slovenia, Australia, Bulgaria, Malaysia and India, to name just a few.

My readers don't provide much feedback, so I have no idea what they think about what they read. This blog covers a variety of topics, which means it is likely that readers aren't interested in just one area of discussion. I also can't tell whether any of my international readers are repeat visitors. So if you are reading this blog from a country other than the U.S., I would love to hear your feedback. Where did you hear about the blog? Are you a repeat visitor, or is this your first time? Is there anything you would like for me to write about?

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers

I would love to hear from my international readers. It's amazing to think that this little blog, with only a handful of followers, and which is written on my computer in the southwestern part of the United States, can be, and is, read by people in all corners of the world.