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Friday, November 5, 2010

Lessons From My Dogs

Others have written about what we humans can learn from dogs. But I thought it would make an interesting topic for this blog, too.

What can our dogs teach us? I was watching my dogs thoroughly enjoy themselves as they explored the back yard, rolled in the grass and enjoyed the sunshine. So I started thinking about the lessons I have learned from my dogs over the years.

Rejoice whenever you see a loved one again.

Take time to stop and explore the wonderful world around you.

Greet everyone with a wagging tail (or in our case, a smile).

Get up every morning excited to start a new day.

Be loyal and faithful.

Forgive readily and don't carry a grudge.

Find pleasure in the simple things, such as a walk, a snooze in the sun or a roll in the grass.

Never pass up the opportunity to run and play.

Be silly once in a while.

When someone you care about is sad or upset, stay close to them.

Don't bite if a growl will suffice.

If someone is bothering you, walk away.

Never pass up an opportunity to show people you love them.

Don't forget to play with your toys.

Don't worry about tomorrow.

Is it any wonder that dogs have been human companions for some 15,000 years? They cannot speak with words, their lives are short in comparison with ours, they can't invent things or create beautiful literature and art. But oh, the lessons they can teach us.

Enjoy your life.